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DenizBank won the first prize in the category of ‘Global Innovator of the Year’, -considered as the top award in the competition- as a recognition of being the digital transformation leader in the sector.

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In Turkey, more than 58.5 Million people use Turkey’s e- Government platform to gain access to their records. The usual procedure to login requires an e-Government password from the Post Office.

We had an innovative idea to link DenizBank internet banking with the e-Government platform. The API we developed contains all the customers’ credentials to verify their access.

DenizBank increased its active channel users and gained 50 thousand new Online Banking Customers. Moreover, had further potential to reach 58.5 million customers.

Additionally, this new feature was very loved among their existing clients.

Project Details

Client: DenizBank

Date: January 2, 2017

The Bank also received the second prize in the ‘Most Disruptive Innovation’ category with this project.

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